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April 2, 2013

Giant Climbing Strawberries at
Gardeners’ Collection: Giant Climbing Strawberries

Sugar Tower!!

Grows As Tall As A Man! Produces Baskets of Lucious Strawberries!

Climbing Strawberries Are Perennials

It’s true! An amazing strawberry that climbs! Imagine! A hardy strawberry plant that grows as tall as a man… up to 6 feet high… an astonishing strawberry plant easily trained to climb that produces delicious giant sweet red strawberries the whole way up. Pick strawberries right from the vine. Now grow in your own garden the amazing Climbing Strawberry Plant that can reach skyward without the need for the runners to be rooted in soil.

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Easy To Grow

These plants have proven their ability to thrive and produce in local soils across America. And you don’t need a lot of space to grow them in… only a couple of square feet of ground per plant! Imagine—a 6 foot tall strawberry plant from only two square feet of ground!

Ever-Bearing Produces From June until Frost

Because they are hardy ever-bearing perennials, that will grow year after year. And each spring they’ll produce even more plants and runners. Runners that produce berries and grow lustily, increasing in length quickly forming multiple rosettes at intervals. These rosettes produce clusters of flowers from which the berries fruit profusely this year. In turn, the rosettes produce more runners which bear more flowers and fruit. A prolific, splendid plant to enjoy for years and years. It is truly an ever-bearing wonder.

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